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#1 03 Nov 2006 3:32 pm

From: Dallas TX
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DAMN Hash calculator

One of the tools I like to drag along everywhere I go.

DAMN's Hash calculator is a light weight hashing tool.  it does text and files, and quite a few hashing algorithms (for those of you wondering what it does).  Its one of those things that just come in handy from time to time.

A little while ago, my old computer totally died, and with it everything I had on it.  I used to have it on one of my web servers, but had taken it off just before the old system died.  Luckily I had given it to a buddy of mine, who used to work where I work now, and the other day I was looking for this at home, and couldn't find it.  My friend uploaded it to some public network shares here at work so I was able to get it back, but its kind of hard to chase this thing down.




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